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I SCHEME (2018-2023)



Msbte model answer paper for G-Scheme are available here : LINK

Msbte Model Answer Paper for all Summer/winter Exams

This page is meant to help diploma students find  study resources which are much needed to study  engineering diploma.This page provides all previous years question papers and model answer paper. So that students find exactly what is to be written in exam and what not. The model answer papers also provide  marking scheme. Due to which  students also come to know how the marks are given for each step. A sample of how assessment is done is shown in image below for reference. The main advantage of the msbte model answer paper is that student comes to know the exact answer that must be written in the exam. So the study of student becomes more and more focussed. One point that students must remember is that One problem can be solved by various methods, and all methods are correct as long as they produce same result. Hence while refering different books students should not get confused with different methods used in different books, the answers are checked on the basis of keywords and not exact wording or method.Msbte model answer paper for different subjects are provided by MSBTE (Maharashtra state board of technical education ). Which is an autonomous body of technical education in Maharashtra. Which is one of  most prominent institute providing  industry oriented diploma engineering ? other Short term courses. There are thousands of polytechincs spread across the maharashtra which provide the education for core branches of engineering like Mechanical,Civil,Electronics,Electrical,Computer.Also the allied branches like Automobile,Production,Entc,Information technology. Details of MSBTE are available in link  on official site of the MSBTE. Msbte model answer paper contains the detailed marking scheme. Msbte model answer paper also contains the alternative solutions to the same problem.

msbte model answer paper