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msbte online exam timetable winter 2018 -Conduct of OnIine Class Test II and Online Term End Examination of Winter 2018.


Msbte online exam timetable winter 2018

Msbte has just released the timetable schedule for the online exams to be conducted for winter 2018 exam. Msbte conducts online exam for few selected subjects.

online test


msbte online test

msbte online test

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To The Principal, All Affiliated Polytechnics, (AICTE approved Diploma Engg. Programme) Fax : 022-26473980 web: Date : 2 6 SEP 20181 Subject: Conduct of On I ine Class Test II and Online Term End Examination of Winter 2018. Principals of all the affiliated polytechnics running AICTE approved Diploma Engg. Programme are hereby informed that the Schedule for Online Class Test II and Online Term End Examination of Winter 2018 is given below. They should conduct the test and end examination as per the schedule. a) The Online Class Test II Schedule is as under Q.P. Code 22102 22343 Date of Availability of Link in Academic Monitorin lo in 23rd Oct. 2018 07th Oct. 20 18 Dates during which lind class test will be conducted From 24th To 26th Oct. 2018. From 08th To 1Oth Oct. 2018. Looking at the completion of curriculum for the first test, second online test for 22102 shall be conducted based on topics 2, 3, 5 and 6 of the curriculum and for 22343 shall be conducted based on topics 4, 5 and 6 of the curriculum. b) The Online Class Test II, pattern of examination is as under: Duration of lind Quantity of Quantity of Total Q.P. Code Class Test Questions of 1 mark Qu estions of 2 mark Questions each each 22102 30 minutes 12 4 16 22343 30 minutes 12 4 • 16 Page 1 of3 ,.....-· c) The Online Term End Examination Schedule for Winter 2018 is as under : Semester & Date for Date to Date of Uploading Scheme Subject Subject Course Code I Online confirm slot availability link will be Code Title Group Exam timings to of Link for closed on RBTE Download 17401 Common to all branches at 4th Sem Environmental Common to all 24/10/2018 Studies branches at 4th Sem of To 22/10/2018 23110/2018 27/10/2018 17944 Industry Integrated, 27/ 10/20 18 Part Time & Distance Learning Courses 17601 Common to all 'G' branches at 6th Sem 08/12/2018 Management Common to all To 05112/2018 07/12/2018 12/12/20 18 branches at 8th Sem of 21030 Part Time & Distance 1011 2/20 18 Learning Courses 17625 6th Sem Computer Advanced Java Group 08112/2018 Programming 8th Sem of Computer To 05112/2018 07112/2018 12112/2018 21049 Group of Distance 1011 2/20 18 Learning Course Basic Science Common to all 07/12/2018 22 102 (Physics & branches at I st Sem To 05/12/2018 06/12/2018 13112/2018 Chemistry) 10/12/2018 Common to 22202 Applied (ME/CE/PT Group) 08/12/2018 'I' Science branches at 2nd Sem To 05112/2018 07/12/2018 12/12/2018 (Physics & Common to (EE/IE/IS 10/12/2018 222 11 Chemistry) Group) branches at 2nd Sem Mechanical 3rd Sem of 24/ 10/20 18 22343 Engineering Mechanical Engg. To 22/10/2018 23/10/2018 27/10/2018 Materials 27/10/2018 The Principal of each affiliated polytechnic shall submit the schedu le of online examination for the subject codes along with slot timings and capacity in the institute to respective RBTE. Also, the Principal of the affi li ated polytechnics shall ensure that after the end exam the following documents are endorsed and uploaded i). HTDOCS, ii). DBDIR and iii) Undertaking. Endorsement I uploading the above documents immediately after the examination will be the responsibility of the institute. Page 2 of3 The Deputy Secretary, RBTE Mumbai/Pune/Nagpur/Aurangabad are hereby instructed to appoint separate observer, conversant with the conduct of online examination, for each subject at each centre. All concerned are hereby instructed to take serious note of the above to ensure that the online examinations are conducted smoothly. Copy to: 1. Hon. Director, MSBTE for information. 2. Deputy Secretary, Desk-40. ~- (V. R. Jadhav) 1/c Secretary Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education, Mumbai-400051. 3. ·Deputy Secretary, RBTE, Mumbai I Pune I Nagpur I Aurangabad.