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Msbte Timetable Updates Tentative & Final

MSBTE timetable Summer 2018 UPDATES:

Msbte timetable final preparation process is going on. It involves releases of the tentative timetable. So that the institutes can report any overlap or discrepancy in timetable before finalizing the timetable. This timetable does not contains the dates. It contains days of the exam but it shows the DAYS like Day 1, Day 2....etc. Generally the summer exam is held in third or fourth week of the April every year.

Msbte Result for Winter 2017 Examination

MSBTE RESULT WINTER 2017 Exam is declared on 3 rd January 2018

Msbte result winter 2017 exam which was conducted in November december 2017 has been declared on 3 rd January 2018. 

Students are required to see the result of their exam and then confirm with the institute. If they found any discrepency they should report to the institute.

If students find that he has got less marks in Msbte result winter 2017 than expected they can apply for the photocopy to msbte.

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