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17304_winter_2015_Model_Answer_Paper.pdf 3.1 MB
17304_Summer_2014_Question_Paper.pdf.pdf 50.11 KB
17304_winter_2016_Question_Paper.pdf 52.02 KB
17304_Summer_2016_Question_Paper.pdf 100.13 KB
17304_winter_2016_model_answer.pdf 2.43 MB
17304_all theory question and answers Shaikh sir Notes.pdf 1.58 MB
17304_Numerical problems on som Shaikh sir.pdf 795.81 KB
17304_Winter_2015_Question_Paper.pdf 44.52 KB
17304_winter_2013_Question_Paper.pdf 166.57 KB
17304_Summer_2015_Model_Answer_Paper.pdf 5.09 MB
17304_Summer_2015_Question_Paper.pdf 56.04 KB
17304_Corrected_winter_2014_Model_Answer_Paper.pdf 4.53 MB
17304_Winter_2014_Question_Paper.pdf 162.83 KB
17304_Summer_2014_Model_Answer_Paper.pdf 3.61 MB
17304_summer_2016_Model_Answer_Paper.pdf 6.31 MB